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Prints - Full Dimensional

Dimensional Prints

At Vista Industrial Products, Inc. we require full dimensional prints in order to quote and fabricate parts. This is a standard in the metal manufacturing sector. VIP always fabricates to print.

This ensures you that your parts are made correctly as per your specifications on the dimensional print. This also allows our company to easily communicate to each other internally on what we need to fabricate because the print is a universal communication for us. There are no assumptions or second guessing of what your requirements are. Below illustrates exactly what kind of print we need:

Dimensional Print

Dimensional prints provide not only the dimensions of the part but also include the following:

  • Material type
  • Material thickness
  • Finish requirements
  • Assembly - welding or hardware locations
  • Quantity(s)

Note: Overall dimensions are usually after forming, finish and/or assembly.

Once you have fully dimensioned prints, please submit them along with your Request For Quote.

Common Issues for Dimensional Prints / Drawings

Here are some common issues with drawings to keep in mind when designing the print:

  • Draw sheet metal parts without broken geometry
  • Parts made from stainless steel must show grain direction
  • Dimension all formed bends, inside or outside - depending on fit with mating pieces, and add REF to the last bend dimension
  • If artwork or ink stamp illustrates the revision, make sure both the current revision matches the artwork or stamp
  • Include bend lines where necessary
  • Notes do not conflict each other
  • Hardware compatible with material type

Don't have Dimensional Prints / Drawings?

If you do not have prints, please contact our business development team at We are not a design house, but may be able to help you depending on your requirements. If you have a drawn sketch of a print, there will be a print generation fee in order for us to create a formal dimensional print that we can manufacture to.

Unfortunately, we do not fabricate to architectural prints. We manufacture to manufacturing / mechanical drawings.

To learn more about the type of prints we require, take a look at the video below!

Have everything? Great! Feel free to contact us today to submit your RFQ.

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