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Precision Sheet Metal

EngineeringPrecision sheet metal fabrication is understanding how metal forms when bending while holding a tolerance.

Precision is tolerance in the sheet metal and machining industry but do they differ.  Machining tolerances are more commonly known and used on sheet metal prints which drives the cost up when quoting. Sheet metal tolerances can be found in the manufacturing engineering section of our website.

Precision sheet metal fabrication is important for the Medical, Defense and Hi-Tech Industries.


Vista Industrial Products, Inc. always fabricates parts to print. So if your company prints have the exact materials, dimensions, tolerances, and any other special requirements, VIP will be more than happy to review your prints for manufacturability.

We are known for our quality in the precision sheet metal fabrication world of Southern California. A rule of thumb is the tighter the tolerance, the higher the cost.  This is a general rule, but there are many other variables involved when estimating a metal part.  VIP has an in-house Estimating Department. We also have a sheet metal tolerance document which engineers can reference when engineering parts for sheet metal.  It is important to keep in mind that sheet metal tolerances are different from machining tolerances.  This is a common mistake with new engineers, and one we see often.  We will catch this error and hope you are open for suggestions.

Over the past 50 years, we have worked with numerous industries that require sheet metal. Some of our current customers include those in the Defense, High-Tech, Retail, Commercial, and Medical industries.

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Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or submit your RFQ today. Thank you!

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