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In-House Wet Paint Shop

Vista Industrial Product's in-house paint shop is 5,000 square feet. We have the capabilities to wet paint using our two wet paint booths and two ovens.

Our two wet paint booths can fit parts that measure:

  • 8'H x 19.5'W x 10'D
  • 7.5'H x 11.5'W x 7'D

This allows us to have the capabilities to paint just about any part that we manufacture for you and allows us to paint multiple parts and orders simultaneously.

VIP also have two ovens that assist with the drying process after parts have been painted to ensure shorter lead times. Both of these ovens measure:

  • 7'H x 7'W x 11.5'D
  • 7'H x 7.5'W x 11'D

Having capabilities to paint and dry in-house not only decreases the lead time, it also allows us to have more control over the manufacturing and quality processes. In regards to lead time, some shops have to send out their parts to be painted which means days or even weeks added to lead times. Instead of having to ship parts to another supplier, wait for them to be painted, then getting the parts back to inspect is too time consuming! VIP has the competitive advantage to do it all in-house while saving you time and money!

Wet Paint Brands

Since we are known for our quality, we make sure to use the best paint products that ensure quality and longevity. Here are a list of wet paint brands we use regularly!

  • Cardinal Industrial Finishes
  • Ameron
  • Sherwin Williams

If you have a part that is not one of the brands listed above, no problem! Depending on the availablility of the paint you require, we can always have the color matched for you with our recommended brands to ensure your parts are high quality!

Since painting a part is the last step before parts are complete and get shipped, it is important to take into consideration the dry time and cure time for the paint. Many times customers will come to us to do a quick turn on parts, but the time it takes to cure the paint can sometimes take a week or more! Here is the distiction between dry and cure times:

  • Dry time: The time it takes for paint to be dry to the touch. This can be a good indication of when to apply more coats. The paint is still vulnerable of damage if it gets washed, wiped, knicked, or exposed to certain environments. This time is shorter than curing time.
  • Cure time: The time it takes for the paint to completely solidify. When paint is cured, it can be wiped, washed, and exposed to certain conditions where it won’t be damaged. This occurs after the dry time and can be a long process. Cure times can take anywhere from a day to weeks or even months.

If you have parts that require fabrication and paint, please contact us today!

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