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BrazingBrazing is the process of joining two pieces of metal together using a filler metal. The filler metal is heated to 1050˚ Fahrenheit. Brazing is very similar to welding, however, brazing does not melt the two pieces of metal that are being joined, but rather melts a filler metal between.

Here at Vista Industrial Products, Inc., we specialize in torch brazing. Torch brazing can also be known as silver brazing, silver soldering, or hard soldering. Torch brazing uses a silver alloy as the filler metal when conjoining two base metals together. Silver brazing can be very difficult since it is a hand process where experience and craftsmanship are required for optimal results. Here at VIP, we provide superior quality and value while meeting our clients' unique project demands. We can accommodate both simple and complex brazing jobs with our skilled staff. We provide our brazing services to a wide range of industries including defense, medical, high technology, industrial, and commercial.


If your metal parts require brazing, do contact VIP today for a quote!