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Sheet Metal

Welcome to the best kept secret in precision sheet metal, machining, and welding fabrication: Vista Industrial Products, Inc. VIP has specialized in sheet metal fabrication since 1956. Over the years, VIP has perfected their manufacturing capabilities due to the high demand for precision parts. We fabricate parts, components, and assemblies for many different types of industries and for a variety of product types. Many of the industries that work with us include the Defense, Medical, High Technology, Commercial, and Retail industries. Some of these industries have small and large runs, which isn't a problem for VIP. We have 153,000 square feet, so we definitely have the capacity to meet your production needs.

There are many different types of metals we use to fabricate parts, components, and assemblies. We often use different sheet metal alloys of aluminum, stainless steel, and steel. On rare occasions, we fabricate parts made from other types of metals depending on the manufacturing requirements.

We have a comprehensive inventory of fabrication equipment we use to accomplish any sheet metal requirements. Below are the various capabilities we have in-house:

sheet metal punchingSheet Metal Punching: We feature AMADA CNC-controlled punching machines in both mechanical and hydraulic formats with high-speed punching on an immediate production basis. Our precision sheet metal punching machines are equipped with automatic material loaders to increase productivity by allowing these machines to run virtually unattended for up to four hours between pallet changes.

sheet metal formingSheet Metal Forming: Our sheet metal forming machines have up to 125 ton capacity and can form up to 8 feet long. We have the benefit of using computer controlled gauging system for quick setup which helps saves time and cost. We also utilize multi-staging of various flange lengths and widths. The result is a precision sheet metal formed part using fewer setups and less labor hours for reduced cost to you.

laser cutting sheet metalLaser Cutting: We have two different types of lasers in-house. Laser cutting is great for prototyping and small runs because the cost is significantly reduced by not having to build tools. We even have a laser / punch combination that is great saving time and money on setup for parts that require punch and laser features since it can all be done on one machine. Plus, the accuracy of laser cutting can hold .002!

sheet metal automationSheet Metal Automation: We have invested in many types of machines that provide automation. Our shop has eleven turret punch presses with auto load capabilities and four Amada Astro-100 robotic brakes. Manufacturing machines that have the benefit of automation allow for shorter lead times, more accuracy, and better pricing.

Introduction to VIP

If your company has sheet metal parts that require quality manufacturing, then you have come to the right shop! Please contact us today for a quote. Be sure to take a look at our complete equipment list.

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