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Precision Metal Fabrication

sheet metalWelcome to the best kept secret in precision sheet metal, machining, and welding fabrication: Vista Industrial Products, Inc. VIP has specialized in precision metal fabrication since 1956, and we are known for our quality. We have the capabilities to fabricate metal parts through processes such as Punch, Form, Machine, and Weld to name a few. The industires we provide quality precision metal fabrication services for are the defense, medical, high-technology, commercial, and retail industries. Since we have a wide variety of capabilities and various industries that we work with, there are many different types of metals we use to fabricate precision parts, compontents, and assemblies. We often use different alloys of aluminum, stainless steel, and steel. On rare occasions, we fabicate parts made from other types of metals depending on the manufacturing requirements. Here are some examples of precision metal fabrication we have done here at VIP below:

Manufacturing the Impossible

Company Industry: Retail Sunglasses

Product: Custom Eyewear

Type of Fabrication: CNC machining, metal forming, lenses cutting, metal finishing, full assembly

Problem: Several manufacturers did their best to fabricate these nearly impossible sunglasses, and all of them failed one way or another. Whether it was due to the quality, the processes…you name it, no one else could figure out how to fabricate metal sunglasses.

VIP’s Solution: We were able to help design, engineer, and manufacture metal sunglasses that have become the new craze in the retail industry. VIP stepped up for the challenge. We worked days and nights utilizing our manufacturing resources and facility to make ends meet. Not only did we conduct all the research and design, but we learned to master the art of cutting the lenses! Not only did VIP establish the processes to manufacture the sunglasses, but has also been manufacturing the sunglasses ever since and has provide full turnkey manufacturing and assembly!

Here at VIP, we are known for our quality products, but we are also known for our innovation. We are the company that will take a look at parts that no one else will look at or touch. If the parts are too difficult to engineer or make, or if it is an idea that no one believes can be done. We will put it to the test! With our experience in metal fabrication, we will find a way to make it work. This was our mentality when we took on a project that everyone else shunned.

Introduction to VIP

What We Need:

If you are interested in finding a manufacturer for your custom metal designs, we will need the following information:

  • Dimensional prints
  • Assembly prints (if any)
  • Material type
  • Material thickness
  • Finish (manufacturer and part number for paint, powder coat)
  • Hardware (if any)
  • Welding specifications (if any)

Please send this information to our Business Development team at To learn more, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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