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Aerospace Machining

EngineeringThe aerospace machining industry is a very tight nitch industry due to its quality and precision regulations. With evolving defense and aircraft components and technology, aerospace machining has become an industry in itself within the metal fabrication world. Below is a list of the various types of aerospace and defense components that require pristine and high quality machining with detailed documentation and certifications:

  • • Actuator assemblies
    • Aerospace Assemblies
    • Aerospace couplers
    • Aircraft seat frames
    • Aircraft tray tables
    • Airframe manufacturing
    • Brackets
    • Clamshells
    • Engine assemblies
    • Flight control assemblies
  • • Flanges
    • Fuser Rollers
    • Gears
    • Gearboxes
    • Housing
    • Interior components
    • Landing gear components
    • Manifolds
    • Missile components
    • Retainer rings



These aerospace and defense machined components are just to name a few. In the Southern California region, Vista Industrial Products, Inc. is known for holding tight tolerances, maintaining efficiency and repeatability, and providing all necessary defense and military documentation for orders. We are ITAR registered and have worked with many aerospace and defense companies and fabricating their metal components and structures. Our 153,000 square foot manufacturing facility has the following capabilities:

With our experienced machinists, state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and great customer service, we have the ability to exceed your expectations for a metal fabricator. Please contact us today for a quote!


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